The Festival and its Dress Code

Are you planning to go to a festival concert and are you not sure what to wear? We have a few tips which will help you choose suitable attire.


A classic choice would be a small black dress or a different cocktail dress. If you prefer a suit or trousers with a blouse, you will also satisfy the dress code.

The opening and closing concerts are worthy of more festive attire. You will feel great in a long evening dress. Do not forget a small handbag, jewellery and other accessories.

However, always check where the concert will be held and according to that choose the right type of shoes. In terms of style, you will never make a mistake if you wear closed-toe court shoes. Pay attention to the heel. Český Krumlov is full of cobblestone pavements, which are not suitable for stiletto heels.

If you walk to the concert, we recommend that you take your smart shoes with you. Every hall has a cloakroom where you can change your shoes.


For gentlemen it is easier to choose suitable attire. A well-fitting suit of a dark colour is always a good choice. Add a shirt of a light colour, tie or bowtie, dark smart shoes and you will fulfil the so-called Dark Suit dress code.  

Do you have tickets for a morning or afternoon concert? In that case smart dark trousers, a shirt and a jacket, which does not necessarily need to be a set with the trousers, will do. However, it is important for these two pieces of clothing to match and fit well.

What not to wear

In order to enjoy a concert, it is necessary, above all, to feel comfortable. However, you should not wear the same clothes you wear when you go to the cinema, to a club, football match or trip. Therefore, it is better to leave the following at home:

  • jeans
  • shorts
  • vests
  • sweatshirts
  • sweaters
  • flip-flops
  • trainers or different sports shoes
  • white as well as ankle sports socks
  • baseball caps

Tips for particular concert venues

Open-air concerts

Brewery Garden, Lake in castle garden

Performances which take place in an open-air natural environment may be affected by the weather, therefore take this into consideration when choosing your attire and shoes. Do not forget to take some extra clothes with you for the evening, it might be cold in the gardens in the later hours. We have a tip for the ladies – stiletto heels are impractical on grass surfaces, so choose a wider heel. It will be more comfortable for you and you will not ruin your favourite shoes.

Indoor concerts

Castle Baroque Theatre, Masquerade Hall

It is prohibited to wear stiletto shoes at concerts in the interiors of the castle. Select shoes with a wider heel instead or enjoy the comfort of wearing flat shoes.

Castle Riding Hall, Prokyš Hall

If you are going to a concert at these venues, you can make an impression with more flamboyant heels.

Concerts in churches

Church of Corpus Christi and the Grieving Virgin Mary, St. Nicolas Church in Boletice, Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Kájov

If you decide to go to a concert in one of the churches, the same rules as for going to mass or a common visit apply. Your shoulders and back should be covered, we also recommend long trousers. Shorts, jeans and sports clothes should be left at home. If ladies choose a dress or a skirt, they should be at least of knee-length. Closed-toe shoes are also recommended, avoid flip-flops and sandals.

The Festival and its Dress Code

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