Event date

25 / 07 / 2024 - Thursday 19:30

Event venue

Masquerade Hall


The harp family of Hana Müllerová and her three daughters is a revelation of the ancient elegance of the muses in today’s world. Let’s become sailors for an evening in the art gallery, where four carved decorative masts tower at the bow. On that voyage, we will put our fate in the gentle hands of four harpists, who will tame the strumming of an impressive 188 strings. Can you hear the whistle from the officer’s bridge? That’s Ellen Lee’s flute safely guiding us through the alluring mists of French Impressionism. Together with Prah-a-harP kvartet they will also play works by Antonín Dvořák and Czech contemporary composers written or arranged for this extraordinary ensemble.


Prah-a-harP kvartet:
Hana Müllerová
Hedvika Mousa Bacha
Kamila Jouzová
Mariana Jouzová

Ellen Hayun Lee – flute


Claude Debussy: Arabesque No. 1 (arrangement by Harriet Adie)
Jacques Ibert: Entr’acte for flute and harp
Maurice Ravel: My Mother Goose – No. 3 The Ugly Woman, Empress Pagod (arr. J. B. Escosa)
Nino Rota: Sonata for flute and harp – Allegro molto moderato
Jaroslav Krček: Concertino (for four harps)

Pavel Hrabánek: Bells
Marc Berthomieu: Cing Nuances for flute and harp
Antonín Dvořák: Poetic Moods – No. 3. On the Old Castle
Antonín Dvořák: Poetic Moods – No. 8.
Bedřich Smetana: Vltava (arrangement by S. Chaloupka)

Prah-a-harP Quartet

Prah-a-harP Quartet is a family harp ensemble founded in 2017. The ensemble is led by the 1st harpist of the Prague Symphony Orchestra FOK, Hana Müllerová, and her daughters Hedvika Mousa Bacha, Kamila Jouzová and Mariana Jouzová – graduates of HAMU with doc. Jana Boušková. Dominika Svozilová has been performing with the quartet since 2019.

The quartet’s repertoire includes new original compositions created directly for the Prah-a-harP Quartet and compositions and arrangements of works for two or four harps.

All members of the quartet also perform as soloists and collaborate with the Prague Philharmonia, Prague Symphony Orchestra FOK, Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra or Prague Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra and are also laureates of numerous domestic and international awards.

Prah-a-harP Quartet

Masquerade Hall

When you enter the Masquerade Hall of the Český Krumlov Castle you will feel like in the 18th century, when it was decorated by Josef Lederer. While listening to chamber concerts you can admire the painting with motives of members of aristocratic society entertaining themselves amidst masquerade bustle. Before the tones fill this hall with […]


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