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24 / 07 / 2022 - Sunday 20:30

Jistebnice Hymn Book

The audience at St. Nicholas Church in Boletice will listen to spiritual songs from the Jistebnice Hymnal or the Jistebnice Hymn Book. That is described as a key source of European medieval culture. And whose most famous part is the chant “Ye who are Warriors of God“. The songs will be interpreted by the renowned and internationally acclaimed female vocal Tiburtina Ensemble. It is dedicated primarily to the interpretation of Gregorian chant, medieval polyphony, and contemporary music. In almost 15 years of existence, the ensemble has gained a strong position in the field of so-called historically informed interpretation of early music and has become one of the leaders in its field.


Jistebnice Hymn Book:

Cantio Věřmež v Boha jednoho

Vězmětě a jezte

Brány nebeské

Jezme život, píme život

Bohu děkujíce


Tiburtina Ensemble

Tiburtina Ensemble

The female vocal ensemble Tiburtina Ensemble was founded in 2008 in Prague. He interprets Gregorian chant, medieval polyphony and contemporary music. In its more than ten years of existence, the ensemble has gained a strong position in the field of early music interpretation and is one of the leaders in its field. He is especially appreciated for his unique color of sound, warmth of speech and dramaturgical imaginativeness. At the ensemble’s concerts you can hear a completely vocal repertoire, based on liturgical sources of the Middle Ages, but also a vocal-instrumental repertoire. Tiburtina Ensemble has recorded several successful CDs for the labels Supraphon, Animal Music, Deutsche Harmonia Mundi, Ricercar and Accent. The CD Apokalypsis was nominated for the Anděl 2013 award and selected by a professional jury for the narrowest nomination as one of the three most significant recordings in the field of jazz / crossover in 2013. Tiburtina Ensemble presented its concert programs at leading major Czech and foreign festivals.

Tiburtina Ensemble

St. Nicolas Church in Boletice

When you enter the church in Boletice, which stands in the middle of the cemetery on a high ground called Olymp, you will feel the atmosphere of tradition and history. The construction from the 12th century is part of the Military District of Boletice and is the oldest historic building in South Bohemia. It was Přemysl […]

Jistebnice Hymn Book

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