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27 / 07 / 2024 - Saturday 19:00

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Monastery Garden

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Hele Wāwae

Hele Wāwae is an original project, a band, a research laboratory of drummer Antonín Procházka - he founded the ensemble during his doctoral studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He uses it as a creative outlet for his ideas and experiments with compositions. He regularly invites players belonging to the best of the young generation of not only jazz musicians. In the music of Hele Wāwae, Procházka's classical school of classical music meets the West African musical tradition, minimal music, British modern jazz and electronic dance music.

Hele Wāwae is driven by a strong rhythm section. The duo of drummers, Antonín Procházka and Matěj Diviš, perform not only on the drum kit and vibraphone, but also on traditional ethnic percussion instruments, which they combine with modern drums to create unique, sonically colourful multi-percussive sets. The third drummer in the band could be considered pianist Jan Pudlák, whose distinctive preparation turns his piano into an endless reservoir of playful, percussive sounds. This rhythmic jungle is held tightly together by Brazilian double bassist Luan Gonçalves, and the whole group is rounded out by Nela Dusová on saxophones and Jan Jirucha on trombone, distinctive players, improvisers and great composers.

Monastery Garden

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Hele Wāwae

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