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20 / 07 / 2024 - Saturday 10:00

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Monastery Garden

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Exercise with live music

Mirka Najbrtová

Mirka Najbrtová is a physiotherapist and yoga lecturer. She has been teaching yoga classes in Český Krumlov for 10 years. She got acquainted with yoga in California in the USA, studied Ashtanga yoga in India and completed a course of yoga therapy in our country.

The style of the classes is usually adapted to the group, from a shortened version of Ashtanga yoga, flowing vinyasa to a calmer yoga therapy, during which I use techniques to harmonize the influence of the seasons on our bodies, breathing techniques, chanting and relaxation with a little aromatherapy.

Jirka Tůma

He works as a masseur and musician in České Budějovice. Since 2016 he has been deeply involved in sound, specifically the sound of Tibetan bowls and other healing instruments such as Koshi chimes, tingsha bells, Tibetan bells, rain stick and tongue drum. With them, he creates music for the pleasure of body and soul. In addition, he became a certified sound masseur in 2017 and offers Tibetan bowl sound massage and private music baths in his private massage room alongside traditional massages. He has also recorded several music albums. In addition to Tibetan bowls, he also plays bass guitar and ukulele.

Monastery Garden

The Monastery garden offers peace to its visitors and space to relax in one moment

Exercise with live music

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