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15 / 09 / 2021 - Wednesday 19:30

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Masquerade Hall

Evening with Antonio Vivaldi

This year 280 years will pass from the death of Baroque music composer, violin virtuoso and Italian priest Antonio Vivaldi. On the occasion of this important anniversary the audience will listen not only to his most famous piece, the set of four violin concertos titled The Four Seasons. During the evening the ensemble consisting of leading members of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, the New Prague Radio Symphony Collegium under the artistic leadership of Pavel Sochůrek, will also present Vivaldi’s symphonic works during the evening.   


Vlastimil Kobrle – violin, Pavel Sochůrek – violin, artistic leader, New Prague Radio Symphony Collegium


A. Vivaldi:  Symphony in G major for strings and basso continuo No. 2, RV 146 (Simfonia per archi e basso continuo No. 2, RV 146)

1. Allegro


3. Presto

A. Vivaldi: Concerto for two violins, strings and basso continuo in A minor, Opus 3, No. 8  RV 522, (L’estro armonico: libro II, Opus 3, No. 8) /Soloists: Vlastimil Kobrle, Pavel Sochůrek – violin/

1. Allegro

2. Larghetto

3. Allegro

A. Vivaldi: Symphony in C major for strings and basso continuo č.1, (Simfonia per archi e basso continuo No. 1) 

1. Allegro non troppo

2. Andante

3. Presto


A. Vivaldi: The Four Seasons (from the collection of 12 concertos Il cimento dell’armonia e dell’inventione, “Le Quattro Stagioni”) Soloist: Vlastimil Kobrle – violin

Spring: Allegro, Largo, Allegro

Summer: Allegro non molto, Adagio, Presto

Autumn: Allegro, Adagio, Allegro

Winter: Allegro non molto, Largo, Allegro

New Prague Radio Symphony Collegium

We would like to present e chamber ensemble composed of the leading members of the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Prague Radio Symphony Collegium is a follow- up to the highly successful Prague Collegium, which used to appear on concert stages both at home and abroad – mainly in Germany,Belgium,Austria,Italy and other countries.

The enseble,reformed in 1996,takes off where its predecessor landet three years earlier. Led by Pavel Sochůrek,the ensemble has toured with Czech soloists, including violinists Václav Hudeček, Jan Mráček jun.,Josef Špaček, Jaroslav Svěcený,Julie Svěcená and Bohuslav Matoušek,as well as trumpet players Marek Zvolánek and Ladislav Rejlek.

The orchestra´s repertoire consists largely of chamber music by Czech and world compousers. In addition,the ensemble concentrates on the interpretation of vocal and instrumental music in conjunction with prominent choirs.

The Prague Radio Symphony Collegium aspires to develop into a versatile chamber ensemble,capable of effectively treasures of Czech and world chamber music on concert, in recording studio and at special events.

New Prague Radio Symphony Collegium

Masquerade Hall

When you enter the Masquerade Hall of the Český Krumlov Castle you will feel like in the 18th century, when it was decorated by Josef Lederer. While listening to chamber concerts you can admire the painting with motives of members of aristocratic society entertaining themselves amidst masquerade bustle. Before the tones fill this hall with […]

Evening with Antonio Vivaldi

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