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26 / 07 / 2024 - Friday 14:00

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Monastery Garden

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Duo Glisando

Filharmoniště - concert for adults, where small children are welcome.

Harp Duo Glissando is the sister chamber ensemble of Hedvika Mousa Bach and Kamila Jouzová, formed in 2010. Both harpists started playing the harp with their mother, Hana Müllerová-Jouzová, solo harpist of the Prague FOK Orchestra, professor at GMHS, Prague Conservatory and MusicArt, with whom they studied at GMHS. Hedvika Mousa Bacha then continued her studies at the Prague Conservatory and HAMU with Jana Boušková and at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Lausanne with Chantal Mathieu. Kamila Jouzová studied at the Prague Conservatory with Lydia Härtelová and is now continuing her master's studies at the HAMU with the renowned Jana Boušková.Both Hedvika and Kamila regularly participate in masterclasses with the world's leading harpists such as I. Moretti, I. Perrin, K. Englichová, M.Ch. Cleary, I. Jones and attend World Harp Congresses all over the world. In addition to solo and chamber concerts, orchestral and pedagogical activities are an integral part of their activities. They have performed on concert stages and festivals at home and abroad, and their wide and varied repertoire has been a success with the general public and with professional music critics alike.

Monastery Garden

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Duo Glisando

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