Organizer´s terms and conditions

stival Krumlov (“event”) is organized by SPV Art s.r.o., the Festival Krumlov, z.s. and ÚOP České Budějovice – Národní památkový ústav. The event consists of social, artistic, cultural, educational and entertainment productions. Following Terms and Conditions apply to all productions organized by SPV Art and the Festival Krumlov, z. s. or in cooperation with third parties. All premises and places where productions or any events related to the main event or its partners take place are listed as “venue”.


  1. By purchasing tickets to any productions of the event or visiting any productions free of admission, the visitor agrees to all Terms and Conditions listed by the organizer.
  2. The event visitors are obliged to respect and follow the rules and instructions of the organiser or the security service representatives. In case of non-compliance with such rules and instructions, the organizer or the security service staff are entitled to take the visitor out of the venue. 
  3. The organizers and security service staff are present to protect visitors and secure safety at the venues and during productions. 
  4. Competences and duties of the organizer and the security service:
    1. ticket control at the entrance to the venue of the concert or festival event and at any time during them, incl. random checks;
    2. personal inspection at the entrance to the venues (prohibition of bringing in dangerous and unauthorized objects);
    3. expelling visitors from the venue of a concert or festival event (person without a valid ticket, aggressive persons, persons endangering safety, unauthorized sellers and sellers violating the contractual conditions of sale, dealers of any narcotics, other people negatively influencing productions or endanger visitor’s safety);
    4. preventing visitors from entering areas with a ban on entry for the public, securing the organizer’s property.
  5. During the productions, flash photography and audiovisual recordings of the performing artists are strictly forbidden.
  6. The use of mobile phones and smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is prohibited during the productions. After the production is finished, smoking is allowed only in places designated by the organizer.
  7. During the IMF Česky Krumlov video and audio recordings in the form of photographs and videos will be made for the purpose of presenting and promoting the festival. By entering the event venues, the visitors give their consent to the taking of photographs and making of video recordings. Event visitors have the right to refuse to grant the consent to the taking of photographs and making of video recordings as well as the right to subsequently withdraw the consent. If you wish to refuse or withdraw your consent, you may do so electronically by sending an e-mail to
  8. With the ticket purchase you are obliged to provide your valid e-mail address. Your e-mail address will be used by the MHF and ticket seller to inform you about possible programme changes or cancellations. 


  1. Access to any productions of the event is allowed only to persons with a valid ticket, unless it is a freely accessible production, i.e. without the need to purchase a ticket.
  2. Access to productions of the event will not be allowed to visitors who are inappropriately dressed and obviously under the influence of alcohol, other narcotics or psychotropic substances.
  3. When entering the production venue, the visitor is obliged to do a security check at the request of the staff of the security service or organizer. If the inspection is refused, the visitor will not be allowed into the event area.
  4. Visitors are forbidden to bring animals to the production venue, with the exception of assistance dogs. The visitor with assistance dog is obliged to announce their presence at least 1 day before the production via telephone or e-mail
  5. Visitors are strictly prohibited from handling open fire and pyrotechnics at all locations of the productions, including the release of so-called balloons of luck.
  6. Visitors are forbidden to bring drinks and snacks into the space of auditorium.
  7. The venue opens for visitors 1 hour before the start of production and closes 5 minutes before the start of production. The organizer always decides on any adjustment of the opening of the event venue depending on current situation.
  8. Visitors are obliged to take their seats at the production venue in a time, no later than 10 minutes before the start of the production, unless otherwise stated on the ticket. In case of late arrival, the visitor may be admitted to the production venue only during the applause and will be offered alternative seats or a place to stand, or may be admitted only during an official break. The event organizer always has the right to decide where or when allow late-comers to the production.
  9. In case there are any restrictions issued by the local government, visitors are obliged to accept additional conditions for entering the productions. List of current additional conditions will be issued by Organizer on the official website, social networks and via ticketing company. Those conditions might be: verification of non-infectivity, negative PCR test, measuring of body temperature upon arrival, wearing personal protective equipment etc..


  1. Visitors are obliged to respect the reservations at the venues made by the organizer.
  2. Visitors are obliged not to disturb the productions with their behavior. If, despite the notification of the organizer or the representative of the security service, the visitor does not obey the instruction, he may be expelled from production immediately.
  3. When visiting the productions, visitors follow the dress code and are appropriately dressed, unless otherwise specified by the organizer. The following rules apply to each venue:
    • productions held outdoors can be influenced by the weather, so we recommend visitors to bare this in mind when choosing clothes and footwear.
    • shoes with stiletto heels are forbidden in productions taking place in the chateau
    • bare shoulders are forbidden in productions taking place in any of ecclesiastical venues.
  4. It is strictly forbidden for all visitors to move chairs in the auditorium, take away blankets, raincoats or other equipment temporarily provided for use by the organizer.


  1. Tickets sale and validity
  • Tickets are sold exclusively by ticketing company Ticketportal through its official physical shops, authorized resellers and its own official online sales at The festival is not responsible for the validity and authenticity of tickets purchased outside the Ticketportal sales network.
  • Tickets are sold in the order in which orders are placed until the auditoriums are filled to capacity.
  • Unsold tickets will be available at the venue an hour before the start of the production.
  • Forging tickets is a criminal offence.
  • The ticket entitles the holder to enter the event once. It loses its validity once the ticket holder leaves the venue.
  • The ticket is only valid for the stipulated day, time and venue and is only valid with the counterfoil (in case of tickets purchased in physical shops) and valid barcode (in case of tickets purchased online).
  • Please check the details on your ticket. Subsequent claims will not be considered.
  1. Tickets and reductions
  • ZTP and ZTP/P card holders – 30 % discount on presentation of the respective document.
  • Children under 6 years of age – free entry with no entitlement to a seat
  • Children from 6 to 15 years – 50 % discount on presentation of the respective document.
  • Seniors over 65 years – 10 % discount on presentation of the respective document.
  • Discounts can not be combined. 
  1. Refunds
  • Purchased tickets cannot be returned or exchanged. No compensation will be provided for lost tickets.
  • The customer is only entitled to a refund of the admission fee if the organizer cancels the event. Claims for admission fee refunds must be made at the place where the tickets were purchased within a month of the date of the event. Postage and packing will not be refunded.
  • The ticket holder is not entitled to apply for a refund of the ticket in the event of the date or location change due to so-called force majeure. In this case, the tickets remain valid for the newly set date or place of the production.
  • If a concert starts and is cancelled after 15 minutes due to bad weather or any other force majeure, the ticket holder will no longer be entitled to a refund of the admission fee.
  • The right to a refund must be claimed at the place of purchase of the ticket.


  1. The organizer reserves the right to make any changes within the program (date, cast, venue). Such changes are announced on the official website or social networks immediately.
  2. In case of bad weather, the organizer does not offer an alternative venue for open air productions and reserves the right to delay the start of the performance by up to 120 minutes.


Dear visitors,we trust that you will accept the organizer’s terms and conditions with understanding and

that by respecting them, you will help the undisturbed course of festival performances. Thank you.

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