Can I reserve the tickets and pick them up?

Yes, you can reserve the tickets online and then pick them up at Ticketportal points of sale.

What should I do if my reservation expires??

If your reservation expires, you have to make a new reservation.

How can I pay for the tickets?

You can pay for the tickets by card through a payment gateway or by bank transfer.

Can I use the employee benefits program to buy tickets?

Yes, the company Ticketportal accepts the following benefit programs.

Can I exchange or return tickets?

You can neither exchange nor return tickets. If you want to have the option to have the ticket price reimbursed in case of illness, you can insure your tickets when you purchase them.

How to proceed in case of illness?

If you insured your tickets when you purchased them, contact Evropská pojišťovna. If your tickets are not insured, unfortunately, you can neither return them nor exchange them.

What should I do if I forget the tickets at home?

If you forget your tickets at home, you can show a photograph of the tickets with the ticket number and barcode/QR code at the ticket check.

Covid information

According to currently valid regulations of the Czech government, access to regulated events is only possible for viewers who comply with one of the following requirements. The organizer will check whether viewers entering the venue comply with the requirements as well as the validity of the tickets before the start of the event. The requirements are the following:

  • submit a negative RT-PCR taken in the last 7 days, 
  • submit a negative POC antigen test taken in the last 72 hours,
  • perform a self-test at the venue and show a negative result,
  • submit a laboratory certificate of a COVID-19 infection in the last 180 days before the event,
  • submit a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 on the condition that 14 days have passed from the last dose (the second dose in the case of two-dose vaccines and the first dose in the case of single-dose vaccines).

We recommend that visitors planning to attend an event follow currently valid government regulations concerning the measures in effect. This website was last updated on 19th July 2021. You will find detailed information on https://covid.gov.cz/

When entering the Festival Zone or events with unregulated access visitors agree to abide by the organizer’s terms and conditions and at the same time declare that they comply with the requirements for participation at cultural events stated above. Visitors of the Festival Zone take into account that the organizers may perform random checks to verify whether visitors comply with the requirements for participation at cultural events. If a visitor does not allow a check to be performed or if a visitor does not comply with the requirements, the visitor will be ordered to leave the venue.

Visitors to both regulated and unregulated events undertake to wear an FFP2 respirator, use disinfectants and keep a safe distance where possible. 


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