Pond in the Castle Garden


Zámecká zahrada 62, Český Krumlov
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Pond in the Castle Garden

Music returns to the island in the castle after a quarter of a century. The last time you could experience this unique concert was during the festival in 1995, that is a quarter of a century ago. The pond is located at the end of the castle garden, which invites you to take a walk in the avenues of limes. On your way to the lake, you may admire the summer riding school, baroque Fontaine, walk through the labyrinth from bushes in the french garden and take a look at the revolving auditorium.

The pond and its surroundings create a unique concert hall. You will take a seat among the trees, surrounded by nature, and enjoy the view of the water surface with blooming water lilies.

Capacity: 1300

Wheelchair access: yes

Pond in the Castle Garden

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