Event date

11 / 07 / 2024 - Thursday 17:00

Event venue

Monastery Garden

Festival zone

DLOUHÝ, ŠIROKÝ A BYSTROZRAKÝ – theatre scene – for parents with children

The performance of classic folk tales is based on the tradition of family theatre and our long-standing need and desire for an authentic theatrical experience. Because what could be nicer than when parents /or some nice uncle/ after Sunday lunch, instead of turning on the TV, pulled out the puppet theater, waited for the neighbor's kids to gather and started playing a story for the kids. Our fairy tales are also based on elements of improvisation, especially direct collaboration with the children. For the children (and not only for them), our improvised acting does not only bring a familiar fairy tale, but also the opportunity to actively participate in the story. This time we will perform the fairy tale LONG, WIDE AND CLEAR-SIGHTED in this spirit!

Script, set design.

Stanislava Kočvarová, Sylva Malinková and the audience

50 min, without intermission.


Monastery Garden

The Monastery garden offers peace to its visitors and space to relax in one moment

DLOUHÝ, ŠIROKÝ A BYSTROZRAKÝ – theatre scene – for parents with children

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